What exactly are backlinks?

What exactly are backlinks
Whenever you read any article about blogging or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you may come across the term backlinks.You may have read that backlinks are very important part of SEO. SEO includes many things but above all is backlink. So lets find out what exactly are backlinks and why is it so important.

Backlinks are just the link from one website to another. Lets understand this with an example. There are two websites A and B. There is a link in website B, whenever someone clicks this link, the browser opens the website A. Therefore A is getting backlink from B.

Backlinks are also called inbound links. Inbound links or backlinks are of two types, viz. Free backlinks and paid backlinks. Free backlinks are very tough to get as compared to paid backlinks . For getting paid backlinks you just need to pay money and get it, whereas free backlinks require long procedure and time.

Why backlinks are important?
Backlinks are very important part of SEO. Search engines (specially google) gives most importance to backlinks. Search engines consider the websites with more backlinks as more reputed than others. This is because many websites will link to a website which contains great content.

Here another term arises i.e. Page Rank. Page Rank is given to websites according to the backlinks they have. Good PR is given only to the websites that contain quality backlinks. Quality backlinks means backlinks from good websites. Backlinks from bad or cheap websites(containing unwanted or objectionable things) will not benefit the PR of website but it will harm it.

The websites with top Page Rank is shown on the frontpage of search engine results page. Therefore to be listed on the top you need to have good PR and for good PR you need to have many quality backlinks. That is why backlinks are very important.

How to get free backlinks?

As I said earlier free backlinks are tough to get. For this you have to work hard. If your website is well formed and if it contains great content then it will automatically get backlinks from different websites. But this takes very long time. But there are many ways to get free backlinks in shorter period of time.  There are different ways to get free backlinks, such as
  • Do-follow blog commenting.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • Guest posting.
  • Writing articles in websites like Squidoo, Hub-pages etc.
  • Joining communities.