How To Optimize Internal Link Structure for Your Blogs

by Bethany Hill

In terms of SEO and site usability, the importance of your blog's link organization and structure cannot be overstated. You can do a lot of good things with internal links, and here is how you can get that part right. Contextual Link Building withing your blog isn't that hard and can be achieved with the help of knowledgeable SEO service.

You will make use of your overall navigation setup on your blog for this purpose of link structure. Pay close attention to categorizing your links simply because you will highlighting the important ones from those that are perhaps less important. Be careful with the topics you choose for your blog categories, and the reason for that has everything to do with search engine rankings and visitor satisfaction. You need to optimize your blog in
this way, and that is just part of how it is done. Not only will your site perform better for search engine position, but it will make for much clearer site navigating. Your readers will be able to flow smoothly from one topic to the other. Your efforts with site navigation and linking will be time wisely spent.

Regular Summaries: Another good options is to create weekly or monthly posts with links to some of your latest articles, with a short description of each. This is another chance for you to add some great internal links to your blog while also making life easier for your readers, so those who are new can find your best content and those who have been visiting your blog for a while can catch up on anything they may missed. Every time you create a summary of your links, you'll have the opportunity to drive more traffic to your older posts and also get the search engine spiders to notice your worthy posts. It is important that you always look for new ways to create links to older articles.

You will find that lots of blogs have a menu in their sidebar featuring their most popular posts and you can do the same. So, without forgetting this, simply choose all the pages that are most important on your blog and link to them from your main page. Again, you can choose to do this manually or if you want to ease out the whole process, then use a plugin.

By including links in the beginning of your articles, you will see that your clickthrough rate from RSS subscribers increases significantly. Your aim as a blogger should be to give relevant content and easy navigation to your readers, and also to make sure your blog doesn't look unorganized. Your visitors should be directed to more useful and compelling content by every internal link you post on your blog.

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