8 proven ways to get free backlinks quickly.

In my previous post (What exactly are backlinks) you read what backlinks are and why are they important.They are very essential pat of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They are the basic factor for page rank.For making a successful website you should definitely care for them. In this post I will tell you different proven ways to free backlinks quickly for your website. So lets get started with this guide.

1. Blog Commenting.

The easiest and quickest way to build backlinks is blog commenting. For this you just have to comment on other blogs. But you have to consider some things. The blog where you are commenting should be do-follow. Do-follow is a tag which allows the search engines to index it. If you are commenting in a no-follow blog then your link to your website will not be indexed by search engines.

Most of the blogs do not directly accept the comments. They first see whether the comment is valuable or not. If your comment is useless or very small then it will not be selected. Hence you will not get backlink. So you should be careful that you give sensible comments.

One more thing. Comment only on the blogs that have good pagerank. Commenting on small blogs will not provide quality backlinks.

2. Social Bookmarking.

You know the power of social bookmarking sites. They can take your website to top level. But not all of them give you backlink. Like blogs, they should also be do-follow sites. Submit your articles in top do-follow social bookmarking websites and get instant backlinks. You can also use online or offline tools to automatically submit your posts.

3. Guest Blogging.

There are many benefits of guest blogging including free backlinks. You can get high quality backlinks quickly through guest blogging. For this you have to submit your articles in other blogs. But this is not so easy task. Only quality articles are selected by other blogs so you have to do much hard work to make your article a quality article.

Selecting blogs for guest blogging is also a difficult task. You cannot directly select high ranking blogs unless you can write really well because they only select high standard articles. You cannot select low ranking blogs as well because getting backlinks from them will be useless.

You have to select the blogs from your niche. You can use tools like technorati or google blogs to search for blogs in your niche.

4. Web Directores.

Web directories contain list of various websites submitted by owners. The websites submitted to these directories get quality bcklinks. There are many website directories but all are not reliable. Submit your website to top web directories. For this purpose also you can use various tools for automatic submission.

5. Article Directories and web 0.2 site.

You can use article directories to submit your posts, in return you will get quality backlink. There are many article directories. Top article directory is Ezine Articles.com.

You can also use web 0.2 sites like Squidoo or Hub-Pages to submit articles and get backlink to your website. They are high ranking sites and can give you quality backlink.

6. RSS Directories.

I think this is the most simplest and easiest way to build backlink to your website. What you have to do is just submit your site's rss feed to these directories once and everything is done. Thousands of people visit these directories and you also get backlinks from them.

7. Video Directories.

Websites like youtube are very useful to easily get backlinks. You just need to make a video related to your blog or website and submit it to such website. You will automatically get backlink. These liks are high quality links because these video directories rank hifh in search engines.

8. Forums.

Forum are also good source of backlinks. What you need to do is just add a signature of your website. You can also use forum for your own queries but this will also give you backlinks. Forums provide good amount of backlinks because they are frequently indexed by search engines.

Before using any forum you should definitely read its TOS, Privacy Policy and FAQ section you avoid deletion of your account. Different Forums have different terms and these should not be violated. Forums strictly hate spamming so be careful.