How to select best niche for your site

So now you want to start your own website or blog. Starting a site is not so easy especially for a newbie. There are many hurdles that you have to face before establishing your site. The first hurdle is choosing a niche.

While it sounds a simple task just thinking of a niche to blog within, but it can be the most difficult task for you. While choosing a niche you have to be very careful because your future with the site totally depends upon this.

 The most important thing for any site is traffic/audience. If you have a website since 90s and not a single person have visited to your site till now then how will it feel. In this situation your website will be useless.

Online Website Builders

Online website builders are very powerful tools to create a professional looking website without writing a single code. Today millions of people are using online website builders for creating their websites.

These are WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) website designers which offers drag and drop designing platform. You can set up your website in minutes if you use these online website builders.

They come with both paid version and free version. If you choose free version you will not be able to enjoy some features like free domain name, unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth etc. but if you choose a paid version you can get all of the above. Some of these sites also place ads on your site in free version.

How to make a free website

In this guide you will get the necessary information to make a free website.After reading this tutorial you will be perfectly ready to create your own website without paying anything. I'll tell you different methods to create a free website.

If you don't want to create a free website and want a professional one then you can read the post: How to make a professional website.
Lets continue with free website.

How to Make a Professional Website

In this guide you will find step-wise instruction to make your own professional website. You will get a complete guide to create a beautiful and formal website. By the end of this tutorial you will be perfectly ready to start your very new website in minutes.

A website is very beneficial if you are making it for your business or any other purpose. It is a very good medium for communication between you and your audience. A website, in a sense, reflects your image to others. If you have a well designed website with proper content then surely you will get amazing response.

Lets start this guide on : How to make a professional website.

Difference between blog and website

You may have come across many blogs and websites. Now a days visually there is no difference between blog and website. What you think as a website can actually be a blog. The question you may be wondering is what actually is the difference between blog and website.When you visit a blog, you see articles, pictures, links, comments, videos, keywords, categories, etc. when you also visit a website, you see articles, pictures, links, comments, videos, keywords, categories, etc. So what remains different.

Benefits of making a Website or Blog

Making a website or blog is not a difficult task for an ordinary man. Anyone can make it for any purpose. Now it is not restricted to big organizations and elite people like before. What you need is just an interest for doing the same. Following are the benefits of making a website or weblog (blog) :