8 Things To Avoid While Designing A website

If you are designing a website, you have to keep several things in you mind. There are many things that affect the success of the website. As an audience when you see any website, you may find the content useful but you may not like the interface of website. You may find it difficult to concentrate on reading because of annoying things rotating here and there. There are also many things that are perfect for the audience but may be intolerable for search engines. Fr this reason I have listed below the important things to avoid while designing a website.

1. Ugly color combination: 

This thing matters a lot for me. Whenever I visit any website that have ugly colors, I never eturn to that website again. You should make sure that your visitors do not get annoyed by the colors in your website. Too much strong color like pure red, yellow etc.may irritate the eyes of the visitor. Colors like red and blue looks very ugly together. Avoid using too many colors in your website, use a pattern of colors, it will make your website classy.

2. Dozens of ads:

Ads are helpful for you to earn revenue but your audience is not getting a penny for that, therefore they get annoyed seeing too many ads on any website. You should keep limited number of ads and keep it separate from main content so that visitors do not get distracted by them. You cannot force your audience to click on ads by placing too many ads. They find it irritating.

3. Bunch of Pop-ups:

How will you feel if you are seeing your favorite tv show and ads come in between. Pop-ups also give same feeling. One or two are okay but don't use more than that.

4. Flash content:

Do you know that search engines (till date) cannot read flash contents. They can only read text (and images with 'alt' tag). Users may not have any problem reading it but you should avoid it for SEO considerations.

5. Background Audio: 

No one can concentrate in noise. Visitors will not be able to understand your content if they get disturbed by the background sound. So avoid using it or keep optional for your audience. Keep a play button separately, below that describe what the audio contains.

6. Improper Navigation:

If you want the visitor to read all your articles, use proper navigation. Many sites contain improper navigation that makes difficult for the user to read other articles. Keep a place in your website that contains the link to other articles of your website. Also put a search box so that visitor can directly find what he/she is searching for.

7. Large Paragraphs:

Avoid using large para, small paras will encourage your visitors to read full article.

8. Extreme font sizes:

Don't use too large or too small font sizes. Too large words will look weird in your website, whereas too small size will make it difficult to read the article. Use normal font size.