8 Things To Avoid While Designing A website

If you are designing a website, you have to keep several things in you mind. There are many things that affect the success of the website. As an audience when you see any website, you may find the content useful but you may not like the interface of website. You may find it difficult to concentrate on reading because of annoying things rotating here and there. There are also many things that are perfect for the audience but may be intolerable for search engines. Fr this reason I have listed below the important things to avoid while designing a website.

5 Steps to make a beautiful website with yola

There are many online website makers to create website for free. Each one has its own unique features, merits and disadvantages. But if you are a beginner yola is the best option for you. Yola is free and provides almost all the features to make a beautiful website. You can choose from a variety of templates. You can add unlimited gadgets and widgets provided by yola and third party. So follow the following steps to make a beatiful website with yola