How to select best niche for your site

So now you want to start your own website or blog. Starting a site is not so easy especially for a newbie. There are many hurdles that you have to face before establishing your site. The first hurdle is choosing a niche.

While it sounds a simple task just thinking of a niche to blog within, but it can be the most difficult task for you. While choosing a niche you have to be very careful because your future with the site totally depends upon this.

 The most important thing for any site is traffic/audience. If you have a website since 90s and not a single person have visited to your site till now then how will it feel. In this situation your website will be useless.

Getting people to visit your site is not an easy task. You have to be smart and follow certain strategies for it. So it is very important that you do each and everything which is not useless.

A niche is an important factor which determines the traffic rate for your site. This is the reason why selecting a niche is a difficult task. You have to consider various things while selecting a niche.

The mistake which many people do is that they choose various niches together an put them into one site. For example they write their first post about the top movies, they write second post about bikes, they write third post about fishes and so on.

They think that by doing this they will get lots of traffic from different niches. But if you are thinking the same then be careful. To be successful with such sites requires 'a lot' of hard work and time.

How to select best niche for your site?

Instead of wondering here and there you should concentrate in a single niche. A site with a single niche attracts more visitors than a site with multiple niches. For example if you are writing about healthy cat food then you will get the audience who are interested in healthy cat food.

Getting audience for site does not mean getting different new visitors for your site but making them returning visitors or permanent visitors. So returning back to example, you will get many returning visitors who want to know about healthy cat food.

If they want to take care about the diet of their cats then they will come again and again to your site to get more information for this. Provided you are providing them efficient and sufficient information.

However if you have site with different niches then you will not get more traffic. For example once you posted about healthy cat food and then about different other things. A person visited your site and read about healthy cat food and he got required information.

Now there is very less possibility that he is going to return back to your site because further your are not posting about healthy cat food. He will stick to a site where he is getting the information only of his interest.

Your Passion, Your niche.

The best niche is your passion. If you are passionate about cats, dogs, bikes, travelling,  movies etc. then you should make it your niche.

It is best to go for it because a site needs a lot of content, if you are writing about something that you don't know much or don't have interest in it, then after sometime you will be bored of it. Moreover you won't have anything to write.

But if you are passionate about something, you have many things to say about it and it will never be a headache for you.

For example you don't know anything about healthy cat food and you started your site about it. You acquired some information from here and there and wrote something.

You actually feel boring to write or inquire about it. Now you don't want to waste hours to write about something which bores you a lot. After sometime you will stop caring for your site and it will become an unsuccessful site.

But you are very passionate about bikes. You have many things to say about it. You can write about your likes, dislikes, experience, reviews, etc. 

You will also like to learn more about bikes, which will increase your knowledge and you will get more things to write about it. In this way you will never get bored of it. This can result in a successful site.

No passion.

This happens with many people that they don't have any passion or they haven't realised what they are passionate about. It is same with your case then there is a solution for you.

Find out the things that interest you. It can be anything like funny jokes, stories, cartoons, games, etc. Now there must be at least one thing of your interest, supposing games.

You have your interest in video games but you don't have much things to write about it. The only thing you can do is read more and more about it.

While researching you will get various things to know like the most expensive video game, the most popular game etc. After some time you will get much knowledge about games and you can start your site.

Now you have converted your interest into passion. You have got many information about games and you want to learn more about it to increase the content of your site.

So this will help you to get best niche for your site. So what are you waiting for. Select the best niche for you and start your own site.