Difference between blog and website

You may have come across many blogs and websites. Now a days visually there is no difference between blog and website. What you think as a website can actually be a blog. The question you may be wondering is what actually is the difference between blog and website.When you visit a blog, you see articles, pictures, links, comments, videos, keywords, categories, etc. when you also visit a website, you see articles, pictures, links, comments, videos, keywords, categories, etc. So what remains different.

Blogs or weblogs are actually online journals containing frequently updated posts. Blogs are mostly used by individuals who regularly post their articles (or any other thing) in their blogs. They post it daily, weekly or monthly depending upon their convenience. While websites contain static information which are not updated frequently. Websites are mostly maintained by associations and companies.

Blogs are also called online diaries. People initially used it as a diary and shared information about their personal lives. Websites were mainly used for giving information about companies. However with the advancement of technology both have been developed to a great extent. Now both are used for multiple purposes. They now contain pictures, videos, gadgets, tools, games, forums etc.

A blog is very easy to start and maintain whereas a website is relatively less easy. Blog is cheaper than website. There are many hosting services for blogs which are very cheap or free of cost. There are also many hosting services for websites but they provide very less functionality. Only a few people use free hosting services for websites.

A blog contains much more information as compared to a website because a blog is frequently updated with posts. In blog, posts are arranged chronologically (mostly date wise) . Home page shows the latest posts. A blogger didn't have to bother about his previous posts because these are automatically arranged at the back of one another. In website it is very difficult to manage contents. Everything is managed and arranged by the owner. Contents are not automatically arranged. In blogs, contents are automatically stamped by date and time but in website owner have write even date and time of the content. The benefit of website is that every sing thing remains in the control of owner.

As I said earlier websites are very hard to manage. It requires knowledge of internet, software (used to make website), and programming language (specially HTML). But a blog can be maintained by anyone. It requires less or no knowledge of anything. You just need to have a basic knowledge of internet.

Blogs are more interactive as compared  to websites. Most blogs have 'comment' are where anyone can post their comments. Blogs are mostly created for communication where people of same ideology meet together and share their thoughts.It is very popular among teenagers and mothers who blog about their daily life activities and interests.

Websites are widely used by business companies and are considered formal but blogs are considered a bit informal. Websites are formal because they reflect the efficiency of the company. Blogs are a bit informal because the main purpose of blog is to share thoughts and ideas. Bloggers do it more truthfully and do not hesitate to use informal expressions.

But blogs are also used as websites. Many people completely turn their blogs into websites. They do it because blogs are very easy and cheap to maintain.

With this article you may have got the idea of basic difference between blog and website. Now its on you, choose which is more suitable for you. If you want your complete control on your site and want it to be formal than you should choose a website but if you want it to be more easy and cheap for you than you should choose a weblog.