How to Make a Professional Website

In this guide you will find step-wise instruction to make your own professional website. You will get a complete guide to create a beautiful and formal website. By the end of this tutorial you will be perfectly ready to start your very new website in minutes.

A website is very beneficial if you are making it for your business or any other purpose. It is a very good medium for communication between you and your audience. A website, in a sense, reflects your image to others. If you have a well designed website with proper content then surely you will get amazing response.

Lets start this guide on : How to make a professional website.

How to make a professional website step 1: Choosing a domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is a unique address of a website. For example you have a website, to visit your website people type '' in their web browser. '' is actually your domain name.

A domain name normally contains two parts, first is the name selected by you and second its extension. For example: in '' example is the name selected by you and .com is its extension. There are also other popular web extensions like .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc. However .com is most popular one.

Now you have decided the domain name for your website, the next step is to get it registered from a domain providing site.

Why registration?

Registration for domain name is must for any website. If you do not register your site then it won't appear on the internet. The idea behind it is that one domain name must be there for only one website. These domain registring sites make sure that one domain is provided to only one site.

You should register your site from best website. There are many domain sites but only top site provide best services. Many times it s possible that your desired domain name is already registered by some other person. In this situation you can get your desired domain name with some other extensions I indicated before. For example "" is already registered, so you can look for "". If you have a business website you can choose"", if you have organization website you can choose "", If you have informative website, you can choose "" etc. You can see that you have many options while choosing a domain name. So choose that is most suitable for you. Be careful to choose a domain name which is easier to be remembered by people.

How to make a professional website step 2: Getting a web host.

In previous section you you read that how a domain name is important. The next very important thing for establishing a professional website is a web host.

What is a web host?

Any website needs a server space online where you can keep your web pages, photos, videos, audios, documents, etc. actually whole website. A web host or hosting website provides this server space to a website. Without it no website can exist. Many web hosts also provide some other advanced services like web page designer, email address, chat rooms, forums, blogs etc. Different web hosts provide different services.

How to select a web host?

When selecting a web host, you should consider two important things.

1. Space: 

You should make sure that the space you are getting through a web host is enough to keep all your files. In case you will expand your website, you should also have the space to add more files further. It is the best if you have unlimited space. So while selecting a web host first see how much space you are getting.

2. Bandwidth: 

It refers to the amount of traffic that can be handled by your web host. If you are making a website that requires more and more traffic than don't compromise with your bandwidth, select only unlimited bandwidth.

After these two important things you should also consider other things like database, pricing, quality, credibility, reputation, etc. 

How to make a professional website step 3: Design your pages
You can design your web pages by two ways.

1. Using Photoshop: 

Most websites are designed using photoshop. It is like you are drawing each and every line and circle by yourself. Using photoshop you can design a website exactly what you think of. However it requires knowledge of HTML and CSS. Learn how to design your web page in photoshop >>

2. Using WYSIWYG editor: 

This method is easier than the previous one. Anyone without any knowledge of any programming language can make a beautiful web page easily. There are lots of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. In this type of editors you just need to drag and drop the elements and upload some photos. However if you know HTML and CSS, you can make your web page excellent.

Some WYSIWYG web page editors are:

Get all in one:

There are many websites that provide all the facilities in one place. These websites provide all the facilities like Domain Name, Web Host and WYSIWYG editor. You just need to register with these websites and make your account. I recommend you to use Weebly. It has a nice interface and some good facilities. More all in one web page editors.

Instead of drawing your website layout you can use a ready made template for your site. There are thousands of templates available online. You can choose the most suitable one for you. This will save your time and efforts. 

How to make a professional website step 4: Add content

A website is useless if it has no content. Content is the soul of a website. After you established your website you should add the required content. You should only add quality content to your site with proper language and grammar. Your content should also be attractive to attract your audience. If you cannot write good content, you can hire any specialist for it or you can learn to write good content.

Note: Making a professional website can be easy and cheap but not free. You have to pay a reasonable amount for it. So if you have planned to create a professional website then be ready with some money.

Now you have enough knowledge to start making your own website. So what are you waiting for, just do it.