How to make a free website

In this guide you will get the necessary information to make a free website.After reading this tutorial you will be perfectly ready to create your own website without paying anything. I'll tell you different methods to create a free website.

If you don't want to create a free website and want a professional one then you can read the post: How to make a professional website.
Lets continue with free website.

The two basic things that you will need for creating a free website are:
Free Domain: You can use domains like CO.CC and CZ.CC. These are free domains and looks professional. Your site will look like-, 

Free Web Hosting: There are many free hosts but only some provide good services. While searching for a host you should be careful about bamdwidth and web space. Though you won't get unlimited bandwidth and space but many web hosts provide enough of them for free. Get the list of free web hosts.

How to make a free website Method 1: Using a free website creator

There are many free website creators online which provides you facility to make beautiful websites. They provide drag and drop feature for building the web page, therefore it is very easy to build a web page using this. 

You can adjust the layout of your web page, you can add photos, videos, flash movies to your web page. You can design a web page giving it a professional look. You can also use different templates which will save your time. 

These websites are available either for free and paid. If you choose paid version, you will be charged some amount. Paid version have many advanced features like free domain name (.net, .com, .biz, etc.) Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, etc. I

f you choose free version you won't get these facilities. However you will still be able to launch your website. You can use sub-domain for free. For example, etc.

How to make a free website Method 2: Using a free blogging platform

You can also create a free website using a free blogging platform. These are actually for blogs only but with some tricks you can convert it to a website. 

Two famous blogging platforms are blogger(blogspot) and wordpress. You can use any one two create a free blog and then convert it to a website. These contains some features to make static pages. You can make static pages for different category information which is a base for websites. 

Next you can disable some features like archive, comments, etc. that are normally not present in websites. You can use interactive templates to give it a website look. Now your website is ready ehich is actually a blog but resembles like a website.

How to make a free website Method 3: Using a free web software

There are many free softwares like frontpage, dreamweaver, kompozer etc. you can use them and create beautiful webpages. You can use different templates to make it more professional. These softwares come with great features necessary to build a perfect webpage.

How to make a free website Method 4: Using free web scripts

Web scripts are very powerful tools to make a website. You can design your site in the way you want. For this purpose no knowledge of programming language is required. You can also add third party functionality (modules) to enhance your website. 

Many web hosts provide the option of one click installation of such scripts. However you can use these scripts in any web hosting site. Installing these scripts by ourselves is a technical and time consuming process. But anyone can do this. 

Before installing any script you should first read the procedure of installing it. You can get the procedure in the help section (most probably) of the official site of that web script. Some of the free web scripts are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Xoops, Dolphin .

Now you know most methods by which you can create your own website for free. So select  the method which you think is the most appropriate for you and just go fo