5 Steps to make a beautiful website with yola

There are many online website makers to create website for free. Each one has its own unique features, merits and disadvantages. But if you are a beginner yola is the best option for you. Yola is free and provides almost all the features to make a beautiful website. You can choose from a variety of templates. You can add unlimited gadgets and widgets provided by yola and third party. So follow the following steps to make a beatiful website with yola

1. Register with  yola.com enter your email address, name and passward.(No need to confirm your registration by going to your email account, cool!)

2. Log on to your account.

3. Choose the category of your website.

4. Name your website (you can change it afterwards)

5. Select a template from different categories.

Your website is created in 5 simple steps. Now everything is on you, do whatever you want to do with it. You can add as many pages as you want. You can create sub pages. Try different things available and experiment with it. Don't forget to publish your site. Select URL for your website.

If you want more advanced features then you have to spend some money and purchase yola silver pack. But free pack provides enough services to make a beautiful website.

Want to see an example of a website created with yola. Follow the link below:

 I created this website using yola. I have uploaded images and embedded games from different sources. Yola provides a third party widget using which you can add any file from any website. You can upload your own images and any other file from your computer. I have used a simple template but yola provides many templates. you can make a spectacular and beautiful website with yola. So what are you waiting for, just follow the above steps and make your own website(s) in minutes.